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Frequently Asked Questions Still have questions? Please contact us.

This depends on a lot of factors: Who collects the data, how fast it gets to the techs at g3coding, and how well the information is organized. Usually it takes us just a few days to get everything up and running.

We are experts at setting up your organization to use Public Safety Check. There are two ways we can help:

  • Partial Setup: We can do part of the work for you. Here’s what we need:
    • An inventory of your stations, trucks, compartments on each truck, and equipment. We provide you with a template to fill out.
    • Images of all sides of your vehicles, to our specifications.
    • Once you send us the files, we get to work and can set up your system to fully operational in just a few days
  • Full Setup:
    • Sit back and watch the magic happen. First, we will arrive to your station and photograph your stations and any vehicles you’d like to include in your Public Safety Check system. We even have access to a drone to capture rooftop compartments if your vehicle has those.
    • Then, we inventory all the selected vehicles, their compartments, and their contents.
    • After we collect your data, we head back to the studio and get to work formatting, cropping, and installing your data. You don’t have to lift a finger.

All products require initial configuration of your organization on our servers. Depending on your specific application and desired level of visual integration, we may also need to be involved in the customization of your interface. The entry of your data and image inclusion may be set up completely on your own. (Don’t forget, we also offer a full service set up option.)

Our platform can be integrated with custom coded sites, word press sites and many other do it yourself products. We will provide a link to our platform with your specific items that your web developer can use on your site. We also offer integration services for organizations who may not have an existing relationship with a web developer.

  • Hosting and maintenance of your database is included with your subscription. There is no need to worry about setting up a hosting service or purchasing your own domain.
  • Unlimited use. You can complete checks within your organization or run reports as often as you want, there’s no limit.
  • Free Updates. Access to the updates and new features as they are made available to the all users at no additional fee.
  • Support. g3coding is available for technical support on business days between 9am and 3pm. We can help you with technical problems, but only you and your team know your department as well as you, so we can’t give advice on anything that isn’t technical.

Our platform can support organizations with many types of vehicles and specific vehicle requirements. During your initial on-boarding your organization's custom interface will be set up to accommodate the vehicles within your fleet.

  • Photographs of the trucks must be less than 150kb in size and they must be taken in landscape orientation (wider than they are tall).
  • Compartment photos are best applied to the interface as portrait images, and less than 60kb in size.
  • Stations should be approximately a 4:3 aspect ratio. Station images appear side by side on your interface homepage, so they should all be the same size and shape.

There are many options for the acquisition of photos.

  • You can take them yourself.
  • You may hire a local professional.
  • You may hire us. g3coding is a division of Grey Goose Graphics. Our professional photographers can obtain photos which will exceed your expectations.

Many clients like the clean look of interior drawings of their cabinets. If you do not have them we can substitute a photo. We've also had some clients that have asked us to create drawings of their cabinets from photos provided. We can do this for you, however a nominal custom design fee may apply.

Your subscription is based on the number of vehicles you signed up with. You can add or remove stations or vehicles at any time through your portal. Should you wish to add more than are included in your subscription contact our support team to adjust your subscription.

There is no limit on how many pieces of equipment you can have in a compartment, vehicle, station, or department.

Once the issue with your item has been resolved (It's been repaired, replaced, or found.), simply locate the item within your interface and indicate it meets the standard by selecting a green check mark. When submitted again, it will record the item as being within the defined standard and the item will be removed from the deficiency list/reports.

  • There are a lot of options to run reports and export your data. For quick inquiries, you can just take a look in the reports section on the interface and find out what you need to know.
  • If you need to inspect your inventory other than using your device, the option to print any report in a printer friendly format is available.
  • Printing not advanced enough for you? Well, you can use our CSV export to save your report and load it into advanced software platforms like Google sheets or Microsoft excel to further manage and/or manipulate your data.
  • A history of every item checked is saved for 4 years. Records older than 4 years are typically overwritten.
  • Vehicle Maintenance, fuel consumption, etc. is retained for the life of the vehicle.
  • Your retention period can be extended as an additional option.

Your data is backed up and stored every day, so if you accidentally delete items or make changes that are incorrect, we can help get you back on track.

All subscriptions must be pre-paid. After your service is setup, an invoice to renew your service subscription will be sent out 30 days prior to your current subscriptions ending date.

  • If your renewal payment exceeds 30 days, the use of your service will be deactivated.
  • If your renewal payment exceeds 60 days, the information stored on the database will be removed.

We firmly believe in our product, and we think you will love it too, but if for any reason you decide that it isn’t for your organization, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee on our yearly subscriptions.

Unfortunately, setting up your organization takes time, there is no refund on any setup fees.

We can accommodate that. Just provide us with your tax exemption certificate and we will adjust your price accordingly.

We talk to several Fire Departments everyday and are shocked to hear some of the reasons that departments are not interested in our product:

  • "We just don't do truck checks."
  • "We are too small of a department to check trucks all the time."
  • "We don't get enough calls to worry about checking our trucks."

These are the departments that would benefit from our platform the most. The negative impact on the life saving services provided by first responders and the safety of fellow providers as well as the increased civil if not criminal liability resulting from something as simple as not making sure your vehicles and equipment are ready to respond is beyond words. If you are not doing truck checks, you need this platform.

If you are under contract with a current provider or perhaps regulated to utilize a specific provider for similar services, we get it. But... Take a minute and consider the following:

  • Just because you have an existing vendor does not mean they are the best vendor. Checking a box on one of our competitor's platforms is very different than using our interface.
  • Are you getting the best return on your investment? We are confident that when you consider the functionality of our platform and the minimal required investment, Public Safety Check is redefining the standard.
  • The Public Safety Check team is more than a talented development team. With decades of experience as Firefighters and Paramedics we know the industry. Should you need to call in for support, you will get a qualified member of our team who is not only an expert developer but is a fellow first responder.

We would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the positive impact we will have on your department or organization and how we can exceed your expectations. Contact us today!