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Public Safety Check  

Public Safety Check is a full featured vehicle, equipment, and agency preparedness platform. Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Services professionals are often faced with mandates requiring a regular and comprehensive inspection on all aspects of their supplies, gear and vehicles.

Public Safety Check will improve your agency’s state of readiness while reducing administrative record keeping, reducing labor requirements and increasing accountability.

Platform Overview

We all know that checking vehicles, monitoring expiration dates, keeping track of inventory or service intervals simply sucks!

Our platform, designed by public safety providers, was created to improve the overall efficiency of the process, expand record keeping and improve the state of readiness for any public safety department.

Here’s a quick summary.

The platform is web based. It’s designed to work with any web enabled device. Obviously, it’s optimized for phones such as an iPhone or Android device, but also works well and is used by many departments on various tablets, iPads, laptops or tough books. Administrators or those running reports will find it also works well on desktop computers. If your device has an internet connection and a web browser it will work.

The platform was developed with most agency or organizational data residing on a fast server and only what you need transacted is displayed on your device. This is important as although it is a web-based solution, it does not consume a significant amount of bandwidth or cellular data making it super-fast and efficient with Wi-Fi or cellular internet connections.

The platform allows for an unlimited number of users authorized by your organization or department as well as an unlimited number of concurrent users working with the platform at the same time. Shift change, weekly drill night, whatever the occasion, multiple users can log in at the same time and work within the system. You can even have several users checking the same vehicle at the same time.

The information below will allow you to learn more about our platform, its features and functions. The best way to truly get a feel for the system is to request a demo

When you are ready to move forward with our platform, an instant online quote may be obtained here.

Equipment Check & Verification

Verifying your equipment is present and in working condition no longer requires the use of paper and pen! This mobile friendly, web-based platform provides an easy interface to facilitate an inspection of the visual status and functional status of any item in your inventory. The system can be configured to allow checks every so many days, specific days of the week or on specific days such as every 3rd Friday.

Checks may also be segregated or assigned to be completed by assigned shifts, groups, or teams.

Not only can users verify inspection, but if there is a problem with a piece of equipment, they can log the problem and your chief or maintenance officer will be alerted.

Again, the platform is accessible from any web enabled device. Multiple crew members may simultaneously complete checks on large pieces of apparatus or work through different compartments or drug bags while automatically updating the vehicle inventory.

Each piece of equipment can have individual inspection intervals for visual inspections (the item is there) and functional inspections (the item was exercised and verified to be working).

Inventory Management

There's nothing worse then running out of something that keeps your department in-service. Our inventory management module allows organizations to monitor their custom configured supply closet/cabinet/container with a real time inventory. From evaluating your supply inventory at the scene of a major incident to determining your ability to loan something to a mutual aid department at a county meeting, our platform puts decision making in the palm of your hand.

Users have the ability to quickly verify their inventory, add stock, or remove items. System generated reporting will notify supervisory staff of issues and items identified as critical will result in an instant notification.

This module also uses our expiration notification system allowing supervisory staff the ability to identify and plan for the utilization and/or replacement of upcoming expired items.

Vehicle & Equipment Maintenance

Public Safety check also allows departments to configure custom vehicle maintenance intervals for each individual vehicle which may be based on the mileage, operating hours, or calendar intervals. Automated notifications and reminders are sent to alert supervisory personnel to the required service.

Vehicle maintenance records may also be entered along with copies of receipts for long term monitoring and maintenance analysis. Many departments have found our fuel consumption tracking to be beneficial to their operations and expense tracking.

Our platform may be used to track your SCBA systems. From visual inspections within the check module to recording service, bottle fills and tracking hydro-testing expirations, we make it simple.

Specific modules for ladder testing and hose testing documentation and automated reminders are also included.

Employee/Member Tracking

Our Employee/Member Tracking Module starts off with replacing the need for those paper rosters that never make it in the station more than a week from being printed. The days of searching for a phone number, email address or emergency contact are gone.

Our on-line roster is a fast easy way to get the information you need, when you need it. Staff can update their own profile at anytime ensuring their contact information is always up to date.

This module also tracks employee/member issued gear. From simply maintaining an inventory to keeping track of what needs to be returned in the event of a separation of a member or employee from a department the platform can be used to quickly identify what gear is issued to each member. Pagers, Uniforms, Bunker Gear, Bailout Harnesses, or whatever you issue may be tracked using our system. Departments may enter expiration dates on equipment (NFPA) or require members to check their gear at preset intervals to verify they still have it in their possession and it's in working order.

Last, but certainly not the least, our platform allows departments to track member time. Using individual or bulk entry the time members contribute on alarms or responses, training, and/or service time can be quickly entered and tracked for reasons of accountability, incentive programs or department qualifications. Organizations can customize this feature with their own category definitions and track/report on up to 6 categories.

The Employee/Member Tracking Module also tracks, reports and reminds members of department requirements such as Physicals, Medical Requirements, Fit Testing or yearly training requirements such as workplace violence, blood-borne pathogens, or SDS utilization. Data entry has been streamlined by a feature that allows for bulk training records entry.

We have also incorporated a certification tracker where expiring certifications are logged, and system generated reminders and notifications alert members and management to upcoming expirations or those that have already expired. The certification tracker can also be used for recording training, in-services, or other certifications that do not have an expiration report.

Station Duties

The Station Duties module allows administrator to create a schedule for users to complete and document station duties. From daily cleaning or weekly truck washes to other service intervals such as applying a coat of wax on the chief’s vehicle on a quarterly basis, this module makes it easier to schedule and monitor the completion of duties related to an organization’s station(s).

Robust Reporting

What good is a checklist if there’s no way to view the status of items or vehicles?

Public Safety Check provides a robust reporting system on equipment and vehicle checks as well as service/maintenance status & history, inventory status & utilization, member rosters, certification reports and more... We even have a report for your financial auditor!

Several reports can be configured to automatically run and deliver updated analytics to staff members or vendors of your choice at intervals you select. At any time, those with the proper credentials may manually run reports and customize them for specific time intervals, vehicles, and more. All manual reports may be easily exported in various formats or emailed at any point. Need a hard copy for a presentation or if a paper filing system is your department’s preferred method of file storage, the platform provides an easy way to print reports in an easily readable format.

Administrative Features

Over the years we've worked with several departments on the scene of an accident, at a mutual aid fire or regional disaster drill. While we may not know alot about your department, what we do know is your department is like no other. We've build a comprehensive admin area that allows customization of our platform for each individual department. Options include, but are not limited to:

  • Adding or Editing Stations, Units, Compartments, Sub Compartments, and Equipment
  • Sorting Compartments, Sub Compartments and Inventory to optimize your checks
  • Custom Service Options and Service Intervals
  • Auto Reporting
  • Annual Department Training Requirements/Verifications
  • User Access Control

The customization capabilities are just short of overwhelming!

Client On-boarding

One of the most frequently asked questions is "How does my department data get entered into the platform?" Since day one we have been working to make this an easy, efficient and relatively painless process that gets departments up and running quickly.

In 2021, we introduced a new on-boarding module system which guides departments through the process each step of the way. It allows departments to enter their organizational information and then each vehicle. As they complete each vehicle, they can start using the check feature immediately while they complete the on-boarding of the rest of their vehicles, certifications, personal issued gear, etc.

The on-boarding module is intuitive and allows each department to work at their own pace. Since implementing this new module we've seen a reduction in the on-boarding interval and the feedback has been nothing but positive.



Wait... There's more...

We understand the importance of always improving. We take this to heart and are actively building on this platform that departments depend on and trust. Here is what is coming soon:

  • Sealed Compartments integrated in the check
  • Critical Maintenance Alerts
  • Historical Snap Shots of Checks and/or Inventory
  • And many more client requested updates, improvements and expansions...

All updates, enhancements and new modules are rolled out to all subscribers as soon as they go live at no additional fee!

We’ve packed as much functionality into this software as you’d need, and we believe it is the best option out there to record and monitor the status of your department’s readiness.. Don’t take our word for it, though, request a demonstration of our powerful Public Safety Check platform.

If you’ve already decided that your department needs it, Contact us for a price quote for your department.

If you are not doing regular checks of your apparatus, click here to learn why it's something you should be doing on a regular basis.